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Sen John Fetterman Helps the Media with 9 Questions for a Presidential Candidate

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Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) tried to assist the media with a listing of 9 questions that must be requested of a presidential candidate, and it’s a listing filled with questions that get to the character of a presidential candidate and oddly have largely been ignored by the media.

Fetterman’s 9 Questions:

1) Ever bang a porn star?

2) Ever bribe one?


3) Been impeached?

4) Consumed by revenge?

5) Vow to pardon Jan. sixth insurrectionists?

6) Pay a $25M high quality for some shitty faculty?

7) Promise to be a dictator?

8) Ever destroy Roe?

9) Ever beat Trump?

Fetterman posted this record above a Politico article concerning the “9 questions” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos ought to ask the President.

Unrelated to the ABC interview, which appeared intentionally targeted on addressing the questions of the beltway press greater than the considerations of American voters, we’re presently watching the beltway media redo 2016 — however on steroids.

However the beltway press won’t be glad, as a result of it doesn’t matter what Joe Biden does, he won’t be the money cow that’s Donald Trump. He won’t give them the fact TV present they want.

They have been obsessive about then presidential candidate and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails and her pneumonia; their palpable contempt for her coloured the reporting. Trump skated by with free press and promotion, although he did not articulate clear coverage plans apart from altering the RNC’s platform to assist Russia. Actually by now the beltway press ought to have extra purpose to really feel as they did about Clinton about Donald Trump, an adjudicated rapist and con artist who was discovered responsible of 34 felonies by a jury of his friends. And but, they don’t.

Actually if presidential skill have been actually the difficulty, an “goal” media would take a look at these two candidates and notice that nevertheless a lot Biden stumbles over his phrases because of his lifelong stutter, he’s presently operating this nation and his time period, not even completed but, has already been graded by presidential specialists on the prime of the record, whereas Donald Trump has obtained the bottom grade.
How come we’re not getting entrance web page freak outs about Trump, the person caught on tape bragging about sexual assault, being an adjudicated rapist with a string of credible accusations besides?

Why isn’t the beltway moved in collective horror towards Trump’s “dictator” for a day remark, alongside together with his refusal to say he’d honor the outcomes of the election, figuring out as all of them try this the plans for his administration by way of Undertaking 2025 are the tip of this “nice experiment” in self-governance?

Maybe the media is solely a mirrored image of what we’ve turn out to be as a nation (because of different media decisions, satirically or maybe most completely made as a kick to organized labor), a superficial physique hooked on actuality TV exhibits and selecting a president primarily based on who survives on the island: Who’s essentially the most grasping, who’s the most effective predator, who’s essentially the most egocentric.

Fetterman’s final level about “Ever beat Trump” is the purpose that must be pushed residence for Democrats who’re serving to a wanna be dictator with their behind the scenes strikes for energy, which they’re too cowardly to place their names to.

Joe Biden may stutter and he’s outdated. He’s additionally a terrific president, very similar to FDR, who additionally struggled with a incapacity that additionally didn’t harm his skill to run the nation one bit.

Joe Biden additionally beat Trump in 2020. He did what different Democrats couldn’t and didn’t, as a result of Joe Biden is a singular mix of the proper candidate to beat a wannabe dictator.

Biden is understood to the general public after a lifetime of public service, and so can’t be smeared with the standard fear-mongering lie machine. He has an unimpeachable private character, on show for us all proper now as he didn’t intervene when his personal DOJ prosecuted his son for one thing most others are usually not prosecuted for. He was within the White Home for 8 years as a Vice President as nicely, and President Obama entrusted him with duties that helped form Biden into the person who entered the White Home in 2021 prepared to assist a nation struggling below the load of a violence-inciting dictator’s tried coup and a worldwide pandemic that Trump dealt with by dividing the nation much more, taking pandemic sources away from blue states and handing them out like rewards to loyalists.

The nation noticed that having a petty small man like Trump for a president was lethal.

Fetterman is main the best way ahead for Democrats. The election is about Joe Biden’s character. It’s about Donald Trump’s character. It’s about presidential skill. It’s about intentions. It’s about respect for this nation.

It’s additionally about who beat the dictator-in-waiting already.


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